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React Robins is a supportive community for women and non-binary React enthusiasts with any level of programming experience to grow as technologists and meet other React developers. We center our events around JavaScript and other technologies within the React ecosystem.


  • Speaker

    Ceora Ford

  • Ceora is a developer advocate based in Philadelphia. She creates educational content focused on making the tech industry more accessible to everyone. She's worked with CodeSandbox, DigitalOcean,, and Apollo GraphQL. Outside of tech, she spends way too much time watching anime, listening to K-pop, and trying to memorize the lyrics to Hamilton songs.

  • Speaker

    Alex Morozoff

  • Alex Morozoff is an NYC-based software engineer currently working at Google. Her professional interests are machine learning and data visualization. She has previously worked at Tableau, Microsoft, and several startups. When not working, she enjoys fly fishing and graphic design.

Attendees (23)

  • Christina Okoduwa
  • Ceora Ford
  • Monica Powell
  • Tamika  Hayes
  • Stephanie Opala
  • Madeline
  • zahra
  • Marlee Gerard
  • Shaundai Person
  • Stacey Graham
  • AJ Morozoff
  • Kaleigh Scruggs
  • Jessica Wilkins
  • Ghameerah McCullers
  • Thuy Doan
  • Dolapo Adebanjo
  • Monica Powell


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